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Welcome! This inquiry form allows us to start the conversation and see how we might be a good fit to work together. Neither you nor I are bound to any commitment to work together based on this form or other initial communication. From here, I'll be in touch via email with more information and possibilities, and we'll go from there!

PLEASE NOTE: This inquiry form is for people who are planning their own workshops or meetings that they will be leading or teaching themselves, and would like design-process support for mapping out the facilitation flow, content, and container for that workshop or meeting(s). If you are instead interested in attending or requesting a workshop created and taught by me (Rachel), please check out “Take a Class” on the home menu -there you’ll find upcoming scheduled classes, along with a page where you can request a workshop or training from me.

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Hi! What's your name?
E.G. When it will be /for how long, for approximately how many people and what age, virtual or in-person, focus, are you co-leading with anyone, goals or desired outcomes (of the workshop/meeting OR of doing a design process for it), etc.

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