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Please note in your message which training(s) you are requesting, the location, for approximately how many people, several dates you would be interested in, and the best way to reach you for follow-up. Thank you!

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available Trainings & Workshops

  • The art of group facilitation - meetings matter (and can feel better)

  • Intro to Permaculture - toolbox for resilient systems Design

  • Workshop: Writing to reimagine the world

  • design thinking - Ideation, needs-mapping, & failure as a generative practice

Each training requires a minimum of 2 hours of workshop time, plus 20 minutes each of setup and takedown time in the workshop space.

Each training can be expanded into 2.5-4-hour blocks if desired, allowing for a deeper and wider dive into materials, practice, and outcomes.


If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the list but you have a hunch we might be a good fit to work together, please reach out! Interested in a longer permaculture design training series? Running a professional development day and want to get your team outdoors and writing poetry while also learning about and connecting to ecosystems and each other? Planning a team retreat and want to include several of the above workshops? Want ongoing training and feedback for your team in group facilitation so you can actually look forward to pleasurably productive team meetings every week? Deep in despair during activism and organizing with your group or co-op because your meetings feel inaccessible and actively painful? Don’t hesitate to fill out the form above (it goes right to my inbox) and request a free 15-minute consultation call! Please note several available times for you, and I will be in touch to set up a call so we can discuss working together on a customized workshop or training package!

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