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bespoke & hand-drawn

I offer clients black & white, hand-drawn, analog (will arrive as a scanned-in 300 dpi .tiff file), logo and image design. This service is particularly well-matched to clients in search of a hand-drawn, etched or pen-and-ink aesthetic. Line-only, or line plus slight shading, are both available. I love working with you to get a strong sense of the heart of your business, event, or other endeavor, and to distill what delights and details you are longing to see shine through in the image.



  • Name ideation process

  • Hand-written inclusion of name / creation of drawn text within the logo or image

  • In-depth needs-and-values mapping - great for clients just beginning their logo-design process, clients seeking a deep level of concordance between their logo and their business / organization’s values, and clients who want a new logo and are uncertain what imagery best fits their new direction.


Welcome! This inquiry form allows us to start the conversation and see how we might be a good fit to work together. Neither you nor I are bound to any commitment to work together based on this form or other initial communication. From here, I'll be in touch via email with more information and possibilities, and we'll go from there!

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Hi! What's your name?
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Please note: Other than scanning your new logo or image into a digital file to share with you, I do not currently offer additional digital editing / digitization. You are welcome to take the file you receive from me to another designer for digital editing, as long as credit for the source material remains with me (e.g. my imagery should not appear in another designer’s portfolio unless as a “before & after” set of images to show how they digitized it, containing credit to me for the original). If you need recommendations of digital designers, please let me know during our work together!