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I facilitate design steps (ideation, needs-mapping), combination packages, and full design processes for individuals and groups.
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ideation & brainstorming

Trying to come up with new content? Need a new way to tackle an old question? Looking for a re-brand, a title, or a name? Holding your annual long-term vision meeting or professional development retreat? Feeling stuck or narrow or out of ideas? Ready to be astounded by an abundance of possibilities, strategies, and creative options? A facilitated ideation and brainstorming session combines our idea-generation powers, as I also offer a facilitated process that’s pleasurable, productive, and pointed right towards the heart of your goals as they rise on that nearing, wide, gorgeous horizon.

needs & values assessment

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Before you design or launch anything, the key to a focused and fruitful plan is to find out what truly matters to you, what values or needs you want embodied in this endeavor. Ideation - coming up with strategies or plans - is only helpful if those strategies actually match your needs and values, or those of the project. But sometimes, it’s hard to know what those needs, values, desires down in the roots actually are! That’s where I come in. Through a facilitated set of queries, activities, and collaborative practices, we’ll map out the core needs of your project, whatever it may be. Rooted in your values and desire this way, you’ll be ready to imagine, design, and do!

full design process

The whole design cycle - needs-mapping, ideation, design, implementation, and feedback - is available here for your project, planning session, or professional development day, in a wide array of content areas (just ask!) Includes needs-and-values-mapping, ideation and brainstorming, and either a design deliverable (created by me with your feedback along the way) or a design workshop (in which I join you and your team to facilitate the creation of a working design all together). For more on what “design” means, and to get a deeper sense of the design process steps, check out my post describing it in more detail. Let’s get designing!

INITIAL Ideation & Design

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