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What is permaculture?

Permaculture is a design system, based on patterns found in nature, that helps people create resilient and thriving landscapes and communities. It can be used to design gardens, curriculum, community meetings, and more. To learn more about the definition, ethics, and principles of permaculture, check out the website of the phenomenal Black Permaculture Network. You can also come to a workshop!


I offer introductory, comprehensive, and creative workshops in permaculture design for landscapes and beyond; social and liberation-oriented permaculture; and permaculture-based group facilitation and curriculum planning. The core of these classes is learning to design and implement systems that express our values and embody the world we want. I emphasize accessibility of both cost and "classroom" experience, with a focus on participatory and co-constructed group learning (i.e. not a "sit-and-listen-to-a-lecture" kind of thing!) To take a course with me, check out the Upcoming Classes Page HereTo propose / book a new course or workshop, Contact Me Here.

Permaculture design

I offer design consultations for individuals, groups, and organizations seeking to create and implement systems that are resilient and that embody their core values. Systems I particularly enjoy designing for include gardens / landscapes, courses / lesson plans and curricula, rituals, and organizational "employee ecosystems." I use a needs-based, client-collaborative approach to ground the designs I create and offer. If education and support during implementation of the design are also desired by the client, this can be discussed as well. To request a consultation or more information, Contact Me Here.