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Rachel Economy is a poet, facilitator, artist, and permaculture practitioner and designer living in Berkeley, California. Rachel holds a master’s degree in Social Innovation and Sustainability from Goddard College, where she studied the place of story and imagination in resilient systems design. Rachel serves as fiction editor at Hematopoiesis Press, and teaches creative writing and permaculture gardening to all ages.

Rachel facilitates and designs  writing classes, workshops, curriculum, gardens, rituals, and other encounters. She speaks and presents on "Re-Storying" and resilient change-making. Rachel has worked building giant things out of wood with sharp tools and small children (safely), has studied democratic and emergent pedagogy, and has served as an urban and rural farm and garden educator across California since 2011.

Rachel’s poems and other writing can be found at Dark Mountain, Animal: A Beast Of A Literary Magazine, Dark Matter Women Witnessing, and at various other publications, as well as on her blog. Her essay "A Country Called Desire" was nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize in writing. Rachel is the founder of "Index for the Next World," a growing online collection of visions for a world that thrives.

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