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Rachel Economy is a facilitator, poet-performer, seed-and-story saver, and permaculture designer/educator, raised in Atlanta and currently living in Oakland. Rachel teaches permaculture design, creative writing, and group facilitation skills for all ages. She helps artists and change-makers design gardens, rituals, workshops, and other encounters, all with a focus on creating systems that embody justice, access, and pleasure. Rachel has spent the last decade+ training in sustainable agriculture, group facilitation, democratic education and pedagogy, permaculture and sustainable systems design, nonviolent communication, tinkering and design-thinking, consensus decision-making, and differentiated teaching methods for varied learning needs. During that time, she has also eaten a large amount of butternut squash, and created a lot of surrealist collages and ecological/embodied performance poems. Rachel’s poems and other writing can be found at Dark Mountain, Animal: A Beast Of A Literary Magazine, Dark Matter Women Witnessing, and various other publications. Her essay "A Country Called Desire" was nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize.

Rachel carries a passion for re-imagining and co-creating worlds of every scale and variety. She holds a master’s degree in Social Innovation and Sustainability from Goddard College, where she studied the place of story and imagination in resilient systems design. She speaks publicly on "Re-Storying" and resilient eco-social change-making. Rachel is the founder of "Index for the Next World," an online hub / “seed library” of visions for a world that thrives. Learn more about Rachel's work and upcoming offerings at racheleconomy.com. To become one of Rachel’s Patrons and get exclusive access to weekly writing prompts, behind-the-scenes performance videos, pilot online classes, video updates and more, go to patreon.com/racheleconomy.

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