I'm Rachel, AND I'm a re-storyer. I help artists and change-makers create stories, build skills, and DesIgn systems for a world that thrives.

My work centers on re-storyation - re-designing how we live and work in the world so that it matches the stories we truly want to live by. 


A Little More About What I Do

I teach writing and sustainable design, write and perform poetry, save seeds and stories, and help clients and organizations design everything - from gardens, to creative projects and practices, to rituals, to workshops and meetings, and more - all of which seek to re-imagine and regenerate the world. Want to know more? Interested in collaborating or becoming a client? Take a wander around the website, check out client offerings or upcoming class, or just go ahead and click the button above to send me a message, a question, a musing, a free-call setup request, a small drawing of a bird, etc., and I’ll be in touch!